This 2011 BMW X6M arrived at Precision Sport Industries looking for some sound and performance upgrades.  Since fitment is of the utmost importance in a scenario like this, we chose Supersprint catless downpipes.  Letting the X6M’s twin turbos atop the motor breathe easier through the Supersprint pipes means 2 things: greater power and some added sound as well!

For the rest of the exhaust we chose to use Supersprint connecting pipes and x-pipe, as well as the Meisterschaft titanium GTS muffler for an aggressive look and tone, along with weight savings.  The completion of this round of performance upgrades for the X6M is an Active Autowerke performance software flash, performed in house at our facility in Orlando, Florida.  We, along with AA, will be pioneering an ECU tune for X6M without catalytic converters to achieve greater horsepower than the standard off-the-shelf flash available for X6M.

Coming soon will be a few carbon fiber exterior upgrades by Vorsteiner. . .then you will soon see this beast of an SUV around the streets of Orlando, Tampa, Miami and the rest of Florida!

Here are a few pictures from the installation process of the down pipes and exhaust. . .videos coming soon as well!

X6M OEM downpipes with catalyst

Superprint versus OEM downpipes

X6M turbochargers

Installing Supersprint downpipes

Supersprint connecting pipes in place

View underneath X6M with full exhaust modified

Meisterschaft GTS titanium muffler for X6M