There is a certain stigma that goes along with the practice of installing Japanese parts on German cars. Either you get it, or you don’t. Regardless of your personal views, a cult following exists that clings religiously to the believe that sometimes the Japanese look just works well on an M3. Speaking of works, one such item that has seen rapid growth in the last several years is Work wheels.

Work Wheels by PSI

Far from a fly-by-night pretender, Work has been producing top-level wheels for decades, and their experience shows not only in the amazing designs they produce, but also the quality seen in their products. Their status as a premier manufacturer is evident when not only Japanese car enthusiasts choose their wheels, but also European car owners prefer them mounted on their own machines.

Work Wheels by PSI Work Wheels by PSI

Here at PSI, Work wheels see regular duty under the wheel wells of many local BMWs, and we install them with pride. We make it a top priority to stock most sizes and offsets for nearly every model of BMW, and on the rare occasion we don’t have a set on hand, we can get them here quickly. In our humble opinion, the world needs more Work wheels, as the excellent quality and alluring looks are even more impressive in person than in photos. Drop us a line today to get your set of Works!