Our friend Matt is well known around here as having exquisite taste, whether with his choice of cars or stunning home and garage where they are kept. Some of you may remember his LeMans Blue E92 M3 we featured back in 2013, still one of our favorites to this day. We don’t encounter too many with his particular brand of OCD either – and by that we mean the best possible kind. His step-by-step detailing guides are in-depth enough to be on a professional level, and it is with this laser focus he envisioned the first round of modifications for his pristine Mineral White F80 M3.

Ordered with a 6-speed manual and SO interior, this new M car didn’t make it very long before the ideas started flowing, and the results are mild yet effective, as you can see here. We understand the Akrapovic system may be soon departing, but we have no doubt whatever follows will be money, in every sense of the word.

Mod List:
BMW Performance black front grilles
BMW Performance black side gills
BMW M Performance trunk spoiler
IND MW key hole cover
IND MW F/R reflectors
IND gloss black license plate frame
RKP front lip
K&N filters
Dinantronics tune
KW HAS kit
15mm Turner spacers F/R
Akrapovic Evolution full exhaust with carbon tips

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