While the name Vorsteiner needs no introduction, as most sports and luxury enthusiasts are well aware of its stigma in the aftermarket arena, the recent trend toward a new method of wheel manufacturing might not be that familiar. Flow forming, which combines ease and freedom of manufacturing with the strength and durability of forged wheels, is a high-tech process that Vorsteiner has utilized to its maximum potential with their new Flow Forged V-FF Wheel line. As you can plainly see, what they have released is nothing short of breathtaking.

The true beauty of the Flow Forged wheels, besides the obvious visual appeal, is both the much lower cost compared to traditional forged wheels, and the insanely quick turnaround time from Vorsteiner – as short as one week! There is no doubt on our part that what was once a very tricky proposition – finding a high quality, attractive set of wheels that are lightweight and sturdy – has been neatly solved by Vorsteiner, and we are proud to be standing on the front lines by offering these to our valued clients. While we have been staunch supporters of Vorsteiner products for quite some time now, the release of such a landmark product as the Flow Forged Wheel only serves to cement their position at the top of the market in our eyes. Contact us today for your set of Vorsteiner V-FF Flow Forged wheels!

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Shipment Schedule
January – 19″ V-FF 103; 20″ V-FF 101
March – 20″ V-FF 103

We are proud to introduce to the BMW community the complete line of Vorsteiner V-FF wheels!

Complete V-FF Wheel Line

  • V-FF 101
  • V-FF 102
  • V-FF 103
  • V-FF 104

Available Finishes

  • Black (Gloss/Textured/Matte)
  • Gunmetal (Gloss/Texture/Matte)
  • Silver (Gloss/Matte)
  • Bronze (Gloss/Matte)
  • Brushed Shadow Silver (Gloss/Matte)
  • Titanium (Matte)
  • Argento (Matte)
  • Red (Gloss)
  • Blue (Gloss)

Available Sizes

  • 19inch: 8.5J | 10.0J | 11.0J
  • 20inch: 8.5J | 9.0J | 9.5J | 10.0J | 10.5J | 11.0J

Here is our own BMW M4 on a set of V-FF 103 Flow Forged wheels in Colorado!


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~ Team PSI