There is a reason we drove across the country from LA to Orlando with a set of Vorsteiner Flow Forged wheels mounted on our M4 recently – we believe firmly that they are some of the best rolling stock on the market today, offering strength, visual style, light weight, and functional durability.

Shortly after our own cross-country photo journal was released, prominently featuring a set of V-FF 103 Flow Forged wheels, Vorsteiner sent us a shoot of their own with the exact same models installed on another M4, in a breathtaking location. Additionally, we are sharing a short film highlighting the entire V-FF Flow Forged range.


Vorsteiner_VFF103_CarbonGraphite_BMWF82_01 Vorsteiner_VFF103_CarbonGraphite_BMWF82_02 Vorsteiner_VFF103_CarbonGraphite_BMWF82_03 Vorsteiner_VFF103_CarbonGraphite_BMWF82_04 Vorsteiner_VFF103_CarbonGraphite_BMWF82_05

Watch the movie here.

~ Team PSI