Good afternoon everyone!

Precision Sport just finished the second install in two days of the all-new Gen II E60 M5 exhaust from Active Autowerke!

A lot of people see the “Gen II” and ask. . .what is different about this versus the Gen I unit? A couple noticeable differences include fitment, adjustability, and muffler size. The Gen I piece took some real patience to get to fit correctly, and was a lot more difficult to make it look 100% perfect from the rear of the car. The reason being, it did not have any adjustability in the hangers, which this new piece HAS! That totally changes everything and now this exhaust system can easily be made to fit perfect. Also, the cans are a lot less bulky from Gen I, so it’s a sleeker design in my opinion.

How does it sound? In my opinion at least, and the few others who were around to hear it. . .AWESOME!! I absolutely LOVE AA’s stuff for the E60, mainly their exhaust, it just screams like an F1 car when you’re on it, but disappears when you’re cruising on the highway; NO DRONE. Even our famous G-Power car with RD-Sport catless headers and AA exhaust DOES NOT DRONE on the highway, and that’s about as close to straight piped as you’re going to get.

Here’s a few videos to let you make your own assumptions on sound. . .this is member “Schafer” who just got this exhaust system installed, as well as the AA power pulley and AA software upgrade.

PSI is now taking pre-orders for the next batch of these exhausts which are due out in a few short weeks, PM me for details!