Our Chumpcar race at Road Atlanta was actually quite pleasant for the Stay In It To Win It team and our E36. It was only our second race, and after the nightmare we had at Sebring last fall, we weren’t quite sure what to expect going into this event.

With only 5 of our 7 drivers present that weekend, we all got more seat time than we did at Sebring. We arrived Friday morning for tech inspection, and found that our alternator had somehow died on the way up to Atlanta. Luckily, there was a BMW junkyard just down the street from the track, and we were able to get a replacement on-site. After that was repaired, the race went smoothly for a while.

One of our drivers bent a wheel a few hours in, so that cost us some time, and we also discovered a leaking valve cover gasket, which we also replaced, costing us another half hour or so. We also had one of our drivers get black flagged for “driving too aggressively”, although he didn’t actually make any contact with anyone. This same driver also put down the fifth-quickest lap of the weekend, so there you have it.

In the last hour of the race, our ECU died and we had to borrow one from another team, which allowed us to finish the race. Overall we finished 42nd out of 109 entrants, with just over two hours of downtime not spent on the racetrack.

We had a blast in Atlanta and can’t wait for the event again next year! It’s quite a change of pace from our home state of Florida, as we don’t have any elevation change here at all. Look for our E36 in another upcoming Chumpcar event soon!

Special thanks to Joshua McCoig Photography for the photos.