The E9X generation of M3’s will go down in history as one of the best M’s produced without a doubt. PSI’s love for these cars goes way back to the roots of our own “Project Fire“. As the years have flown by and new generations of M’s have come about, there has been no lack in customers caring for their E9X’s. One of our favorite E92 M3’s that we have had the pleasure of servicing and modding belongs to our good customer, Andrew.

When Andrew first came to us, the passion he had for this car was beautiful. He believed in driving it and driving it hard. He believed in maintaining everything BMW had intended it to be but better.


More power, more aggression, more sound, and better handling. These were the goals.

We began our upgrades with an Active Autowerke’s pulley kit.  The underdrive pulley kit helps increase a small bit of torque and horsepower by reducing the drag from OEM pulley/belt systems. In addition to the pulley kit, we added an Active Autowerke’s signature exhaust system with x-pipes to help increase flow and amplify the godly tone that the s65 produces. Lastly, we installed an Active Autowerke’s tune. AA’s tune for the S65 / E9X M3 is by far one of the best! The biggest gain we like to note from this tune is their ability to create a responsive throttle and create a much more smooth yet aggressive power delivery overall.


Once we got the power delivery down, it was time to play around with the handling. We purchased a set of BC Racing coilovers, BR type and paired these with a set of HRE FF01’s wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports. After a few adjustments, we got the fitment just right for the type of spirited driving Andrew enjoys.




Now, power and handling out of the way, it was time to make this girl look just as aggressive as she was.

To start, we installed a Vorsteiner GTS-V front lip and rear diffuser. These two pieces are very subtle, yet unbelievably aggressive when paired with the proper accents. A few additional items we installed to help accent these were a 3D Design carbon fiber trunk spoiler, IND carbon fiber kidney grilles, and hood vents. Each of these items, while very minor helps accentuate the amazing body lines of the E92 M3. Keeping it simple seems to be the key when modding the exterior to these beasts.

BMW provided the masses with an amazing platform when producing E9X M3. As the new generations arrive, we hope to see this generation continue to thrive.

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