July 31, 2014

Vorsteiner BMW M6 GTS-V Front Spoiler

We have heard and seen a lot of good things about the new Vorsteiner GTS-V front spoiler for the BMW M6, and the photos you are about to see only confirm our admiration for this piece. The beautiful example shown below is wearing several additional items from the Vorsteiner aero and wheel catalog, and the – Read More –

June 17, 2014

FREE SHIPPING on all Vorsteiner wheels!

We are offering a special deal for all Vorsteiner wheels – free shipping to you! These have been very popular selling items for us in the past year especially, so we wanted to show our appreciation by bringing you a great offer. We’ve featured Vorsteiner products on several of our builds before, and we are – Read More –

February 4, 2014

Proudly Offering BBS Motorsport Wheels!

BBS Motorsport Wheels have attained legendary status within the world of competition and peak performance among true automotive enthusiasts. Long before many of us even knew what a BMW was, racing teams in every imaginable field were campaigning and winning with BBW Motorsport Wheels. Their extensive experience and complete dedication to their craft has resulted – Read More –

September 7, 2013

Blue Detonation

The baking heat of a Florida summer can warp reality. One minute, life is plodding along at a snail’s pace, and the next, a ghostly spectre rises from the shimmering landscape, threatening to redefine all that you know. Suddenly, a streak of blue passes you by with blinding speed, accompanied by a gargantuan exhaust roar. – Read More –

July 17, 2013

PSI Proudly Offering The Full Line Of BBS Wheels

One trend that seems to always plague the aftermarket community is the tendency to buy cheap, both in actual price and quality. In the realm of wheels, for example, this habit is tied in with obsession over weight, with consumers attempting to spend the least amount possible and purchase the very lightest wheels available. At – Read More –

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