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September 23, 2014

Vorsteiner BMW M3/M4 Carbon Fiber Aero Program Photos!

Vorsteiner has just released new photos of their M3/M4 carbon fiber front spoiler and rear diffuser! PSI is absolutely thrilled to be able to share with you the Vorsteiner GTS Program for all BMW F8x models. The brand new Vorsteiner BMW F8x carbon fiber rear diffuser is a particularly complex feat of ingenuity because of – Read More –

September 3, 2014

NEW Vorsteiner M3 + M4 Carbon Front Spoiler Photos!

With the release of a complete new pre-preg carbon fiber aerodynamic kit from Vorsteiner just around the corner, we are pleased to show you the latest photos of their beautiful front spoiler! These show the entire piece as mounted on the F80 M3 (will also fit the F82 M4), and their engineering never fails to – Read More –

July 31, 2014

Vorsteiner BMW M6 GTS-V Front Spoiler

We have heard and seen a lot of good things about the new Vorsteiner GTS-V front spoiler for the BMW M6, and the photos you are about to see only confirm our admiration for this piece. The beautiful example shown below is wearing several additional items from the Vorsteiner aero and wheel catalog, and the – Read More –

August 7, 2013

PSI Introduces Vorsteiner BMW F10 M5 Program

Vorsteiner F10 M5 by PSI

You’ve heard the rumors and seen the preview shots, and now it’s time to unveil the newest masterpiece from Vorsteiner – the BMW F10 M5 Tuning Program. We have been a proud vendor of Vorsteiner aerodynamic products for some time now, and the quality of design never fails to amaze us. You may have thought the M5 was a looker off the showroom floor, but we can assure you, this complete program puts it in a different league!

What you are looking at is the ultimate aggressive expression of speed and style for the F10 M5, courtesy of a manufacturer at the very pinnacle of product development, masters of merging precision with technology.  From the air-splitting front lip, around the body-hugging side skirts, to the competition-inspired rear diffuser, each piece is modeled using a 3D scanner and tested for rigidity and drag coefficient. Finally, a special UV-resistant finish is applied to the pre-preg carbon fiber.

The Vorsteiner BMW F10 M5 Program is available as a complete kit, or as individual pieces. Fit and finish is world-class, as would be expected, and the overall effect is subtle and graceful yet with an aggressive and forceful presence. Command the streets and devastate the competition with the new F10 M5 by Vorsteiner. Contact us today for pricing and availability! – Read More –

July 12, 2013

PSI Presents A Complete BMW F10 M5 Catalogue

3D Design F10 M5 by PSI

With the one-year anniversary of the arrival of the latest F10 BMW M5 to our shores, we would like to present to the community our complete array of parts and solutions for enthusiasts desiring to upgrade their Beast. As usual, we have partnered with several of the top companies in the industry to bring you this comprehensive catalogue.

Whether carbon fiber aerodynamic parts from RKP and 3D Design, high-flowing exhaust products from AMS and Akrapovic, or competition-level chassis components by Macht Schnell, we are able to thoroughly equip your M5 for any manner of street or track application.

Regardless of your choice here at PSI, rest assured that the products we offer are of the utmost quality, and will really bring your M5 to life. We are fortunate enough as enthusiasts to be offered a platform that responds so well to tuning, so feel free to stop by at any time to inquire about how your M5 can be personalized, customized, and energized!

– Read More –

April 10, 2012

The Vorsteiner GTS-V line for E92/3 M3 by PSI

PSI is always looking for new products that not only have style, but also have function. The Vorsteiner GTS-V Series means functionality meets design. Vorsteiner’s designers and engineers are proud to finally release the ultimate line up for the M3 which has been under intensive development and testing with performance and track functionality at its – Read More –

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