October 17, 2012

PSI presents the Eisenmann Collection for the BMW M5 (E34 – F10)

The best cars come with the best modifications available.  The BMW  M5 since its release has been the pinnacle sedan for car enthusiasts worldwide.  Eisenmann produces a great exhaust in both Sport and Race format for each and every BMW M5 from the E34 on. PSI is proud to offer Eisenmann to our M5 customers – Read More –

September 24, 2012

3D Design F10 M5 Front Lip Spoiler

3D Design out of Japan has created one the most aggressive and high quality front lip spoilers to date for the BMW F10 M5.  While increasing down force, this carbon fiber front lip carries the front bumper down into a more lower stance and creates the look of a true 600hp machine. The 3D Design front lip spoiler is available – Read More –