3D Design F10 M5 by PSI

With the one-year anniversary of the arrival of the latest F10 BMW M5 to our shores, we would like to present to the community our complete array of parts and solutions for enthusiasts desiring to upgrade their Beast. As usual, we have partnered with several of the top companies in the industry to bring you this comprehensive catalogue.

Whether carbon fiber aerodynamic parts from RKP and 3D Design, high-flowing exhaust products from AMS and Akrapovic, or competition-level chassis components by Macht Schnell, we are able to thoroughly equip your M5 for any manner of street or track application.

Regardless of your choice here at PSI, rest assured that the products we offer are of the utmost quality, and will really bring your M5 to life. We are fortunate enough as enthusiasts to be offered a platform that responds so well to tuning, so feel free to stop by at any time to inquire about how your M5 can be personalized, customized, and energized!

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