August 22, 2013

Vorsteiner + Akrapovic + Active Autowerke = WIN


Sometimes, cute and cuddly just doesn’t work. Aggression and menace are the order of the day, nowhere less so than with this intimidating Jet Black BMW E92 M3 by PSI. Its presence and purposefulness are unmistakeable, thanks in part to the latest 19″ Vorsteiner Flowform wheels and Eibach lowering springs. This car doesn’t just sit, it crouches, waiting silently for its next victim.

Also aiding with this visually arresting appearance are a Vorsteiner GTS-V front spoiler and rear carbon boot lid to aid with aerodynamic flow. A full titanium Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system ensures that the projected implications are backed up with the proper noise, which in this case rises to a spine-tingling shriek when provoked.

The beating heart within this beast is provided with great aplomb by an Active Autowerke supercharger system, including a striking custom orange manifold that sets off the surrounding engine bay. Inside, a 3D Design guage pod houses VEI Systems AFR/boost and water temp gauges to monitor vitals, with BPMSport providing their custom coding to truly unlock the necessary features and functions for prowling the streets.

With the right boxes ticked, this E92 M3 has the power and the ethereal existence to lurk in the shadows until the time is right to strike, leaving decimation and obliteration in its forced-inducted path.

Dark times are upon us.

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July 12, 2013

PSI Presents A Complete BMW F10 M5 Catalogue

3D Design F10 M5 by PSI

With the one-year anniversary of the arrival of the latest F10 BMW M5 to our shores, we would like to present to the community our complete array of parts and solutions for enthusiasts desiring to upgrade their Beast. As usual, we have partnered with several of the top companies in the industry to bring you this comprehensive catalogue.

Whether carbon fiber aerodynamic parts from RKP and 3D Design, high-flowing exhaust products from AMS and Akrapovic, or competition-level chassis components by Macht Schnell, we are able to thoroughly equip your M5 for any manner of street or track application.

Regardless of your choice here at PSI, rest assured that the products we offer are of the utmost quality, and will really bring your M5 to life. We are fortunate enough as enthusiasts to be offered a platform that responds so well to tuning, so feel free to stop by at any time to inquire about how your M5 can be personalized, customized, and energized!

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January 22, 2013

Build Spotlight: Project Fire Version Two

Project Fire Version Two

Project Fire: Version Two

In the heart of every M3 enthusiast is the desire to own a “special” M3, one that illustrates their love for everything BMW but also with their own unique flair and individualization. On Project Fire: Version Two, we made the car into a close GTS replica, with an edge.

Once we acquired the OEM M3 GTS wing, we knew the direction of the project’s new version. The AE Performance Bar in Fire Orange and RECARO SPG XLs were next, mounted using the OEM sliders and mounting positions. The Shift knob was exchanged for the Macht Schnell Nylon edition with an Active Autowerke SSK as well.

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November 15, 2012

Product Spotlight: Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 Italia/458 Spider

Here at PSI we continue to offer the best upgrades for the world’s best vehicles.  The Ferrari 458 Italia is no exception with its over 560 HP and over 200 mph top speed.  As always we offer FREE shipping on all Akrapovič systems. http://www.precision-sport.com/akrapovic-slip-on-exhaust-system-for-the-ferrari-458-italia458-spider To further add to the excitement of this car Akrapovič has designed – Read More –

October 25, 2012

PSI Build – G-Power E63 M6 – Farewell Part 1

As we say goodbye to the E63 M6, we have a couple more BMW M6 builds to complete as a farewell celebration to BMW’s super coupe.  MOD LIST: 2007 BMW M6 G-Power SKII Matte Black Vinyl Wrap HRE 590R Titanium Akrapovic Evolution KW V3 Okada Plasma Coils Agency Power Headers Facelift headlight retrofit Vorsteiner Carbon – Read More –

October 5, 2012

A Look In the Shop with PSI – Part 1

The day to day grind has always been something everyone was a part of in their own way.  With the shop and the many cars and customers we work with, it is always a story of WHAT we are going to see NEXT.  This past 9 months of 2012 was no exception.  Working on full – Read More –

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