Since 1999 StopTech has provided the best in brake upgrades for almost the complete BMW product range.  Anytime we need extreme braking performance from our big horsepower builds, we always turn to StopTech for the best in brake options and quality.

Stop1 Stop3

For our latest high horsepower E60 M5 build – we added a Gintani Stage 2 Supercharger and coated headers along with the StopTech Trophy Big Brake kit front and rear.  Measuring a huge 380mm front and rear, the (2) Piece rotors assist in cooling and braking performance during heavy braking of this family sedan, while the 6 piston ST-60 Trophy Front Calipers increases brake pad surface area and add a huge improvement in stopping power and pedal feel under extreme conditions.



The Trophy Setup from Stoptech includes:

  • Patented StopTech® AeroRotors® for optimized airflow
  • Patented, billet 7075 aluminum AeroHats® to further increase airflow
  • Forged StopTech® STR calipers with patented bolt-in bridge for ultimate stiffness
  • StopTech® stainless steel brake lines
  • Race engineered caliper brackets

This kit was a must for our 800 HP M5 and we will continue to work with StopTech throughout 2016.