For those of you not familiar, Sabelt is a world class OEM and motorsport seat manufacturer based in Italy for more than 40 years, and has been a supplier for F1, GP2, F3, WRC, LeMans Series, and FIA GT Championship teams. Their seating and safety restraint products are among the best you can possibly get.

Today, the company has three main segments: their racing division, focused on competition safety; a child safety division that is currently the leading European manufacturer in this area; and their newest department devoted to Original Equipment, which sees Sabelt products installed on factory-produced sports cars from various marques.

The sheer technical aspect of everything Sabelt offers can be overwhelming at first glance, including everything from basic lap belts to fire extinguishers and roll cages to full racing fire-retardant body suits and crash helmets. They are widely recognized in the automotive industry as leaders in developing the latest and highest-quality materials and products available anywhere.


Sabelt developed their proprietary Zy-Tex safety harnesses for use in Formula 1, and it is the lightest webbing material currently certified for use in an FIA homologated harness setup. This new material, dubbed ZY-TEX 49, is exclusively used by Sabelt, and is composed of ultra-high strength fireproof fibers, woven with specific tooling and impregnated with a flame resistant anti-abrasion coating.

For our BMW M4, we wanted to really give our interior that competition touch, so we sourced a breathtaking pair of their GT600 Race Bucket seats with full one-piece carbon fiber shells. Just the weight savings alone is impressive – each seat weighs just over 13 pounds bare, while the complete harness comes in at about 4 pounds.

In simple terms, this is the best competition seating and safety system you can get for your F8x. Our Saloon Gold Series belt restraint setup consisted of 3-2″ Hans compatible shoulder belts with 3″ lap and pull down straps. The deeply bolstered bucket seats provide ultimate grip and stability, coupled with the 6-point race harness, which is securely fastened with the aluminum quick adjuster. Everything was installed using custom floor mounts with Sabelt sliders and Sabelt aluminum side mounts.

We hope this gives you a little glimpse into who Sabelt is, and why they are the best at what they do. Enjoy the photos!

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