Good things come to those who wait, and we are very excited to show you the brand new Remus Sport Exhaust system for all BMW F8x M3 and M4 models! Remus is a premium exhaust manufacturer from Austria that manufactures high quality exhaust systems for cars and motorcycles. We have been eagerly awaiting their M3/M4 products, as thus far we have not come across a setup that we liked that combined build quality, proper tone, and affordable cost. Today, that changes.

This is available in either a rear axle-back muffler section or the complete downpipe-back system with connecting pipes, X-pipe, and rear section. Both options include your choice of 4 different tip sizes and styles, including 102mm angled carbon fiber with titanium internals, 102mm angled chrome, 98mm non-angled black chrome with carbon insert, and 98mm non-angled stainless with carbon insert.

The Remus setup will eliminate your OEM front silencer and secondary catalytic convertors, a feature specifically designed by their engineers to increase the exhaust note and tune the sound characteristics for a particularly pleasing effect. Having heard this exhaust in person, we can verify that this works very well!

With either system, the OEM exhaust valves and controllers are integrated into the design rather than eliminated, allowing full use of the existing Sport/Sport+ functions for variable control.

Enjoy the photos!

Remus_M3M4_Exhaust GraphicRemus_M3M4_Product_07 Remus_M3M4_Product_10 Remus_M3M4_Product_14 Remus_M3M4_Product_13 Remus_M3M4_Product_15 Remus_M3M4_Product_18 Remus_M3M4_Product_26 Remus_M3M4_Product_27 Remus_M3M4_Product_29Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.42.25 AM