Hi everyone,

We wanted to share with you the first images of the upcoming Remus exhaust for the M235i. It should really open up that engine!

From the Remus website:

“TurboBack Exhaust for the 2014-on BMW 2 Series M235i F22 Coupe consists or racing downpipes with sport catalytic converter (200 CPSI), stainless steel cat-back front section and rear silencer. Tips are extra and includes electronically controlled valves activated via the sport button on the dashboard. You have your choice of 84mm Street Race or 84mm Street Race in Black Chrome ”

  • Turbo-back System
  • Racing downpipes
  • Sport catalytic converter 200 CPSI
  • Stainless steel (304 SS) catback front section
  • Rear silencer
  • Tips (416 SS or better) are purchased separately
  • Tips include integrated valve
  • Not EC approved without homologation
  • 3-year unlimited mileage warranty

These should be arriving in the country by the end of the month, and we hope to get our hands on them shortly afterwards. Enjoy the photos!

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