We upgraded the pilot’s M3 with the necessary mods all M3s should have:


E92 M3 Active Autowerke Mid-Pipes

Billy Boat Exhaust System

Active Autowerke E92 M3 Performance Software

Active Autowerke E9X M3 Signature Pulley System

A shot of the stock midpipes:
Close up of the power-robbing Catalysts:
Shot of AA midpipes installed:
Notes the resonators and quality fit and finish, these are the best midpipes available for the E9x M3s!
Perfect OEM fitment:
PSI Techs fitting and adjusting  the muffler and midpipe system:
Heres a shot of the Active Autowerke E92M3 Signature Pulley System:
Factory Pulley:
Once the pulley was installed, we also installed a new Kand N filter for some extra airflow into the V8 engine.
A sick pic of the intake trumpets on the V8:
Along with the performance mods, this commercial pilot opted for some aerodynamic upgrades from the famous HAMANN out of germany:
He added:
HAMANN Front Splitter
HAMANN Rear Carbon Fiber Diffuser
HAMANN Interior including iDrive
HAMANN rear wing
This is one the most unique M3s we have built at PSI, more pics below….enjoy:
Stay tuned to the BLOG for more updates on this SICK M3!