Continuing with our epic journey across the USA in our BMW M4 Club Sport!

6. Moab, UT
Even as the roads got tighter, with constant elevation and directional changes, the M4 stayed planted and compliant. Driving through here was every bit as fun as it looks like.

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7. Boulder, CO
If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to drive through one of those snowy pine postcards from Colorado, this is the place to do it. Citizens of this beautiful state, we envy you in many ways, starting with those views to die for.

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8. Byers, CO
Thirsty car, thirsty drivers. What would a road trip be without the isolated gas station shot? Eastbound and down!

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9. Hays, KS
The flat, endless plains of Kansas are perfect for wind farms, with their giant propeller generators. It seemed to also be the perfect backdrop for a few photos.

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10. Manchester, TN
It is never difficult to find a scenic place to shoot in Tennessee. There is so much foliage and humidity, it is almost an evergreen state. With the sun setting, a whole new atmosphere emerges.

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11. Atlanta, GA
Our last major checkpoint before arriving back home in Winter Park. Fans of The Walking Dead may see a familiar sight here, along with a few other urban locations.

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We hope you enjoyed taking this visual journey with us! Driving our M4 Club Sport across the country was an unforgettable experience, and testing the various components to the limit gave us some valuable feedback for future use. Stay tuned for the next step as we continue to chase the horizon.

Special thanks to BC Racing and Vorsteiner for all their help in making this possible!