It feels strange to think back to the end of this past June, when we took delivery of our highly anticipated F82 M4 in Sakhir Orange. Informally dubbed the Sakhir Inferno, the car quickly won us over, and we set off down a carefully planned road, with the first major stop being the SEMA Show in November. Rather than simply ship our M4 Club Sport back to Florida, we instead envisioned a cross country journey from coast to (nearly) coast, beginning in the beautiful state of California. The purpose of this extended trip was primarily to test out the prototype BC Racing coilover system and fine-tune the settings under various driving conditions, but of course it would be a crime not to create a collection of stirring photos in several truly memorable locations along the way. We also made a film of our travels, please take a look and let us know what you think.

1. Los Angeles, CA
Departing Las Vegas, we piloted the car to sunny Los Angeles for a few great shoots, and to show the car some big city life. Some of you may recognize these and other iconic spots during our travels. Photographers seem to love Lower Grande, so who were we to disappoint?


2. Helendale, CA
We continued through Helendale, a truly remote place with spectacular vistas. The serene majesty takes your breath away.

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3. Mojave National Preserve
The desert can seem like a wasteland to some, but there are sunsets and scenery you will never see anywhere else in the world.

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4. Selena, UT
Heading into Utah, the mountains rose, the air thinned out, and we were glad for forced induction. This is yet a different type of terrain for the Club Sport suspension to be subjected to, and we were eager to see how our build would cope with the stresses of extreme terrain.

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5. Ferron, UT
This was canyon country. When we weren’t gaping at the sheer cliff faces, the winding pavement beckoned to us. It takes stronger people than us to resist that kind of call!_MG_0202-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0213-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0217-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0220-as-Smart-Object-1

To be continued on Monday in Part II, stay tuned!

~ Team PSI