KLASSEN Leichtmetallrader (which stands for light alloy wheels) is entering a new partnership with PSI, and we are proud to announce that we are now a dealer for all Klassen wheels! This is a company that has been around for over 15 years in the automotive industry, and it shows in their emphasis on quality, exclusivity and durability. Their products, which are both modular and monoblock forged wheels, are among the few that meet both JWA and TUV quality standards. All are made and assembled in the USA, and they display a craftsmanship that is easily distinguished by the naked eye.

Klassen wheels are created from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum. The forgings are made with a 8000-pound hydraulic press, improving on conventional rotary forgings that are standard for most other forged wheels. Before cutting, the aluminum goes through the T-6 heat treatment process in order to significantly increase the durability of the material. Every dimension and arc is machined to precise and exact tolerances to achieve a piece of metal artwork. Thus, you can begin to understand why we are a fan of their products – the design and workmanship is intricate and extraordinary.

It must be said that Klassen wheels are not for everyone, but intended for those who know the difference and can afford to choose. Primarily, these wheels are intended for European sports and luxury vehicles and high-end exotic cars. A large part of their appeal is that they are custom-made for each application, as the 3-piece construction allows for more customization and fitment options for each specific car.

There are literally an infinite number of options available for these wheels. You can choose the color of any part of the wheel in paint, powder coat or anodized finish. Any part of the wheel can be chromed or brushed, and the rivets can be ordered in steel, titanium or any desirable color. All the offsets, lip sizes and widths can be modified. KLASSEN Leichtmetallrader wheels are for the true connoisseurs of automotive aftermarket modifications, and they stand in the class of their own.

PSI is proud to bring Klassen wheels to the BMW community!

Klassen Competition Series wheels offer the following features:

  • One piece monoblock construction
  • Modern concave profile
  • Spokes utilize I-beam architecture for maximum strength and durability while keeping the rim light for better acceleration and braking
  • Machined from heat treated aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum for high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Lightening pockets on back pad of the wheel reduces rotational mass at the axle, optimizing performance
  • Clearance for larger calipers and rotors
  • Compatible with OEM Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS)
  • Optional center lock hub applications available
  • Standard and Customizable finishes available
  • Diameters 19-22″W
  • Widths 8.5-13.5”
  • 19″8.5-12”W
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Klassen Competition Series Wheels:

  • Klassen ID M10 5-V-Spoke Wheel
  • Klassen ID M52 5-V-Spoke Wheel
  • Klassen ID M52R 5-V-Spoke Wheel
  • Klassen ID M55 Split 5-Spoke Wheel
  • Klassen ID M62 6-Spoke Mesh Wheel
Klassen ID M10

Klassen ID M10


Klassen ID M52


Klassen ID M52R

Klassen ID M52R

Klassen ID M62

Klassen ID M62

You can find out more about Klassen Wheels by PSI here.

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