HRE Flowform Wheels by PSI

One of our favorite high performance wheel manufacturers has been HRE for a very long time, thanks to their known stigma in the market and their unmatched customer service experience. With their storied and colorful history of striking design and solid construction, it’s no surprise that so many major competition events feature a large field running HRE wheels. Everyone from street and show enthusiasts desiring something beautiful to fill out their wheelarches to local and national motorsport events enjoy the look and quality that HRE provides. 

BMW F10 5 Series on HRE Flowform wheels

Recently released, the new Flowform line is created using a high-tech low-pressure cast flow-forming process providing a level of precision, strength and attention to detail expected of an HRE product. The first HRE FlowForm model features timeless design inspired by the latest P40SC in ready-to-mount sizes for specific makes and models. The wheels are all engineered and tested to the same standards of HRE’s forged products and will carry TUV certification for sale in Europe and JWL/VIA certification for sale in Japan. This is a landmark new process, and the concept of creating a cast wheel that carries the same strength and endurance properties as HRE’s peerless forged lineup speaks volumes about where they are headed as a company.

HRE Flowform Wheels by PSI

Our BMW fans will be happy to hear that, as usual with HRE, many familiar sizes are now available to order, with weights as low as 22 pounds. For those seeking a classic yet contemporary split-spoke design that they can use every day, look no further! We are excited to be able to offer this to our local and international customers, and we look forward to seeing these installed on more cars in the future.