The cast and crew of Precision Sport Industries hosted a Fall Social on a recent Saturday at their facility in Winter Park, FL. It was fantastic to see the sheer volume of enthusiasts that turned up, and while we are a BMW specialist, many other brands and models were present. Our newly renovated showroom was on display, as well as a smorgasbord of other global cars, and several exotic rides. Between the food provided, live music, and prizes handed out, friends from all corners of Florida were able to enjoy themselves and meet a fellow car person or two.

In particular, we loved a blinding red Ferrari F430 Scuderia with the new Vorsteiner Flow Forged wheels, and more than one GT-R attended, including one with a full dry-carbon body. Chelsea Denofa’s E46 Formula Drift car, built by yours truly, was there in its perpetual sideways poise, as well as the E36 Chump Car we recently created. Another black Lamborghini Gallardo made an imposing presence, and inside was parked another upcoming feature of ours Рa BMW 1M we are reshooting again soon (with the original Project Fire lurking in the background). Many of our other past clients and our collaborative project cars put in an appearance, plus an arresting Porsche GT3 RS in Signal Green.

We are grateful that so many took the time to come out, show their support, and have a good time! Special thanks to Florida Bimmer for helping us plan and produce this event, and to Nicole Mejia & Jessica Darko for putting up with a bunch of car guys while handling the promotional side of things. The chicken and waffles food truck was a hit, and we always enjoy hosting an open house for the enthusiasts in our region. We look forward to putting on more of these next year in 2014. Thanks everyone!

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