Some companies or businesses can go years or even decades without any form of public acknowledgement. It may be that their particular field does not warrant such heralding, but in the automotive world, positive publicity can have a great effect on branding, and go a long way toward establishing general perception.

Here at PSI, we do not take the concept of having our work featured in a periodical to be a casual or nonchalant occurrence. Such an honor does not come along every day, and there must certainly be automotive shops that work for years without this form of recognition. In light of these facts, we are humbled and grateful to have our E30 M3 DTM Replica appear in the March 2014 issue of European Car magazine.

Special thanks to Alex Bernstein for the article, Garrett Wade for the always-masterful photography, and of course to all our friends and fans around the world for the unceasing support they show on a daily basis. We appreciate all you do!