It’s always an interesting journey when a customer approaches us with something we don’t modify too often. In this case, it was an F10 550i. We know most of you are going to ask -“why?”. Why didn’t he buy an M5? Well, he simply wanted to see what the underdog could do and we were eager to help him find out.

From the exterior, she looks like your average 550i.

We called up our friends at Pure and ordered a set of stage 2 upgraded turbos. Along with Pure’s turbos, we are running downpipes, intakes, BMS meth kit with a Torqbyte CM5-LT methanol controller and a tune from Active Autowerke.

We were excited to test out the Torqbyte CM5-LT meth controller. This controller allows you the ability to independently configure and control multiple WMI pumps and multiple solenoids. This is very convenient for high boost and high horsepower, direct-injection applications that require more complex WMI setups.

Now, not only is this a car we don’t heavily mod often, this one is being built for something we don’t normally deal with either, drag racing. We are quite curious to see what happens when we get it on the strip. The goal is to make a good 11.5-second pass. We’ll have to update you guys on how this goes, so check back in! We are eager to get this thing on the dyno as well, however, we expect an easy 650hp!

We expect to see this beast back in the shop soon for some suspension and braking upgrades. Along with that power definitely comes some responsibility.