Macht Schnell Spacers and lug boltsSome may not fully realize that Macht Schnell is a BMW-specific manufacturer with a laser-like focus on driving experience. Quite simply, they do not release anything that does not noticeably improve performance. We like that mantra, as is openly displays their single-minded approach to the BMW lineup and how they develop their impressive array of competition level products. There is really no substitute for their chassis and drivetrain components in our eyes.  

Macht Schnell Seat Occupancy Sensor by PSI

Macht Schnell Seat Brackets by PSI
We love the no-nonsense, no-frills, all-quality approach that Macht Schnell embraces. Rather than offer 29 different colors, they focus instead on manufacturing precision and tensile strength. We’ll happily take the one color available  for many products (black) over an inferior product that is all bling and no durability. The dedication shown to our beloved BMWs is beyond commendable, and we are very proud to use many of their items on a daily basis. Be sure and ask us about Macht Schnell parts for your next upgrade!