We are adding more to our performance store all the time! Recently we expanded our KW Suspension section to include almost every BMW performance model available, and now we are proud to introduce the new Macht Schnell Exhaust Valve Control (EVC) Module. This is compatible with the following BMW models:

  • F2x 2-series
  • F3x 3-series + 4-series
  • F8x M3 + M4

Compatible with all exhaust systems (OEM or aftermarket) that retain the factory EVC control, the Macht Schnell Exhaust Valve Control (EVC) Module allows FULL user control of your exhaust system at the touch of a button. No clumsy key FOBs or additional equipment is needed – this is a 100% integrated solution and the first of its kind for current BMW models.

BMW’s Exhaust Control Valve is integrated at the exhaust system end pipe of the muffler. The exhaust flap reduces the noise level when the engine is idle and when the engine speed is close to idle. This reduces the outlet noise to improve comfort to the driver. The reduction on a stock exhaust system is ~8dB on the stock exhaust system.

The Macht Schnell EVC Module supports the following features:
– FULL control over Exhaust Valve Control at the touch of a button – on the fly or while stationary
– Open/Close Exhaust Valve at YOUR command, or use BMW’s factory profile for Exhaust Valve Control
– Optional User-defined Valve Control Setting at startup (Open/Closed) or default to OEM operation
– Quiet Cold Start in mornings compared to OEM operation
– Easy 20-minute installation process with no wire cutting
– No dealer visits or coding required after installation
– Completely removable at any time

Simply press the BC stalk for +2 seconds to change EVC modes. This is the feature that should have been standard from BMW.

Please click here for more information, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to place an order.

~ Team PSI