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The KW DDC coil overs are the next generation of an EDC coilover system. What makes this suspension stand out is the optional WiFi/iPhone app to select shock damping settings on the go. This kit is based on the successful Variant 3 coil overs but is re-engineered to work as an EDC system. It takes the place of the factory EDC system or installs as a ‘stand alone’ on a car that does not have the factory EDC. Since this is a performance coil over, you get a suspension that has more capability than the stock or ZCP suspensions for better handling, quicker turn-in, and less bodyroll. The ride height is also adjustable to lower the center of gravity and achieve that perfect stance. Now available for E9x M3, 1M Coupe and all F30 applications.

For those that want something more than what the factory EDC can deliver, this is the perfect kit. It functions just like any other EDC, with a new dash mounted button to select 3 pre-programmed shock settings. The coil over front strut and adjustable rear spring perches allow you to set the ride height where you want it. On its own the DDC is an exceptional suspension. But where it really shines is with the iPhone app that allows more options for setting the shocks to just the right stiffness for your needs. This is done over a secure local WiFi module installed in the car that interfaces with the DDC’s main shock computer and your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

The app has several amazing features –

  • Adjust front and rear axles independently,
  • Maintain a pre-set stiffness between front and rear axles,
  • Save up to 5 shock damping setups,
  • Share your shock setups with friends
  • Installation is in-depth but not overly difficult and detailed instructions are included. No permanent changes need to be made to the car or to the factory wiring. The KW kit comes with everything you will need for a clean and reversible installation. The install of the coil over hardware is the same as any other shock and spring package. From there, you run the wiring from each shock to the new KW shock computer located in the trunk (KW calls it an ECU). The shock computer then plugs into the factory wiring for a seamless install. A KW button can be installed in the dash area to select among 3 pre-set shock settings (the factory EDC button remains but is deactivated). This may require modifying your trim depending on where you want the KW button to be installed. No coding or programming is required so no trip to the dealer! Plug in and done! Professional installation is highly recommended as we estimate an expert technician to take 10-12 hours for the full install.Using the iPhone app is very easy. From the Basic screen you have the same three pre-set settings as with the dash button – Comfort, Sport, and Sport+. In the Advanced menu you have control over the damping in both front struts, both rear shocks, and setting the front-rear ratio. You can then save your settings to one of the five slots in the Personal menu. All of this can be done on the fly (please practice safe and responsible driving habits). Shock settings are done from 0-100 (from Comfort to Sport+) and are adjusted in 1% increments. Compression and Rebound motions are adjusted simultaneously. Fine tune shock stiffness for your daily driver and have different settings for any type of driving and course you’re on. An ideal setup is just clicks away!

    Other KW DDC Features:

  • Advanced materials and design – stainless steel shock housings, composite adjusters
  • German TUV approval for function and safety
  • Individual height adjustments – front struts are threaded bodies for up to 40mm lowering (1.57″), rear springs use a height-adjustable perch up to 35mm lowering (1.37″)
  • Progressive-rate springs for initial ride comfort and track-level handling