Here at PSI we know how crucial these are for the BMW S65B40, S85B50 Engines, so after a few years development these are finally available to ship now!

$599.00 shipped (S65)
$745.00 shipped (S85)

(We also recommend ARP rod bolts as well)

- Designed to address and fix the rod bearing clearance issue.
- Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils.
- Increases oil flow.
- Improves lubrication for “Start-Stop” vehicles over factory bearings.

- Designed in consultation with leading industry experts from NASCAR, Indy Car, and former BMW M-Division engine designer.
- Designed and manufactured by Clevite, factory BMW bearing supplier.

- Traditional lead-copper bearing design; less wear on crankshaft journals, traceable with Blackstone oil analysis.
Each bearing is measured and size-binned. Allows for custom bearing selection when necessary.
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