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February 19, 2014

Changing Of The Guard

The departure of an iconic shop car is so much more to its owners and caretakers than simply “out with the old”, even if an imminent “in with the new” is looming ahead. For PSI, the path we have traveled with our Project Fire – through two distinct iterations – has been more than we – Read More –

January 22, 2014

The Intricate Volk Racing G12 Wheels

We recently got in a shipment of Volk Racing G12 and G2 wheels for a customer, and had the chance to photograph them side by side. While the G2 wheel is a more popular six-spoke design, it was refreshing to examine the rare G12 wheels, which are of a different design yet still very lightweight – Read More –

January 10, 2014

2013 Retrospective, Part II

The past year has been an amazing time of growth, both personally and professionally, and we cannot express our gratitude for the opportunities we have shared with fellow enthusiasts in 2013. Our vision is set on the years to come, and we invite you to join us for what we anticipate will be a rewarding – Read More –

December 12, 2013

Volk Racing Releases New ZE40 Wheel!

Volk Racing has just released their new ZE40 wheel, a forged monoblock offered in 18-inch sizes with BMW fitments. Utilizing the latest original technology, each spoke is meticulously designed to feature an aesthetic finish as well function. The center portion of the wheel includes a new overhang design for more strength as well as an – Read More –

July 22, 2013

The Dynasty Of The Volk TE37SL by PSI

PSI Project Fire on Volk TE37 SL Black Editions

How many truly iconic wheels have taken the aftermarket world by storm? The list is actually shorter than you might imagine, and very close to the top is the ubiquitous Volk TE37SL by RAYS Engineering. There is no doubt in our minds that this design enjoys a well-deserved modicum of respect and exposure for the last several years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.
The TE37SL has a duality in its nature that seems to blend all the best attributes of what the essence of the perfect wheel is all about. It is solid without being brittle, chunky but still graceful. It is not an inexpensive wheel, but many others that offer far less cost much more. The design is impactful yet subtle, simple but far from plain. It weighs very little, however its durability is unparalleled.

No surprise, then, that we at PSI are immense fans of this design, with all of its many and varied appearances. That a blatantly Japanese wheel is so popular in the European car scene is intriguing and yet not surprising, and we love it all the more for the ease with which it blends into nearly any build and project car conceivable. You’ve seen it here on our very own Project Fire (Version 2.0), and you will see it again in the future.

It is with great pride and no small amount of confidence that PSI offers the Volk TE37SL wheel to the BMW community at large. We can provide any and every fitment, offset, and finish available from the manufacturer, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

– Read More –

June 12, 2013

PSI Is Proud To Carry The Full Line Of Volk Racing Wheels.

Volk Racing has long been a favorite for enthusiasts desiring some of the latest and best competition-inspired wheel designs in the industry, and to that end PSI has made it their focus to add a complete catalog of these wheels to their installation facility. These linesinclude the G2, TE37 and TE37 Super Lap models, with fitments for BMW and several – Read More –

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