We at Precision Sport are really starting to notice that people are wanting the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust systems in a big way!  Whether it’s the intoxicating sound from the Evolution GT4 unit, the ease of installation of the slip on system, or the top notch fit and finish, Akrapovic is clearly the way to go for your E90, E92 or E93 BMW M3!

We had a local customer from Orlando, Florida drop by the shop with his just-broken-in 2011 E92 M3 DCT seeking some cosmetic modifications as well as performance upgrades.  He was looking for an exhaust system that would fit perfect, save him some weight, and add some more power in the process.  We knew this would be another car to pass through the shop that would end up leaving PSI with an Akrapovic exhaust on it.

Here’s some pictures from the install, as well as the finished product!

Stock 2011 M3 underbody, 1800 miles!

Stock exhaust system removed

Time to get the system out of it's packaging. What's this in the background? Will it be PSI's next Akrapovic install?

X-pipe section with catalysts.

All-titanium mufflers ready for install!

Great fitment as always!

Now it’s time to install the Akrapovic Delete-R unit, since we’re really increasing the flow with the addition of the 100cpsi catalysts.  This check engine light suppressor for all 2008 and newer M3s will ensure the check engine light will not come on; a great piece from Akrapovic!

Getting the interior panel off for install of the Delete-R module.

Neatly tucked away, ready for duty!

Now for a couple finished shots of the rear; what a great look this is for the M3!

Exhaust tips in titanium

LCI tail lights looking good with the new exhaust

PSI and Akrapovic

A quick sound clip for good measure:

2011 E92 M3 revving up it’s brand new Akrapovic Evolution GT4 exhaust system!

Another Akrapovic install in the books and another happy customer out enjoying his new exhaust!  For any questions regarding this exhaust or any other Akrapovic product, it would be our pleasure to help you!  Be sure to e-mail us at sales@precision-sport.com for more information!