May 25, 2017

BMW M2 in for Some Goodies!

What better way to start off the week than to have a freshly delivered M2 dropped off for some goodies!

Check out this beautiful Mineral Grey F87 M2 that we had the pleasure of working on this week!


IND Painted Front Reflectors
IND Painted Front Grilles w/ Tri Stripes
Acexxon Honeycomb Rear Reflectors – Gloss Black
RKP Carbon Trunk Spoiler
MS 15mm Spacers All Around
M Performance Steering Wheel
M Performance 2-Way Coil Overs

M2 002

M2 004

M2 004

M2 020

M2 018

M2 017

M2 016

M2 015


Now check out the finished product!

M2 022

M2 023

M2 024

M2 027

M2 029

M2 031

M2 033

M2 034

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May 19, 2017

PSI Now Offering AST Suspension – Kits In Stock


We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the full AST Suspension line up!

  • AST 1- Way 5100 Series (Rebound Adjustable)
  • AST 2-Way 5200 Series (Rebound and Compression Adjustable, with a remote reservoir)
  • AST 3-Way 5300 Series (Rebound, Low & High Speed Compression Adjustable, with a remote reservoir)
  • AST Lowering Springs


AST Suspension is famous for its inverted technology on their flagship 5000 series dampers. Using a 45mm inverted piston or cartridge design increases damper strength in all directions, optimizing cornering and braking forces under any condition. Proven during countless competitions around the world, their design provides an ultra-strong strut and a low frictional resistance.

AST 1-Way 5100 Series (Rebound Adjustable)




  • Floating piston design with high pressure nitrogen means no cavitation around the piston.
  • 14mm diameter internal shaft.
  • 44.5 mm diameter shaft struts, inverted.
  • Steel cylinder body shocks, inverted.
  • High end, track ready suspension.
  • Rebound adjustable (”Singles”).
  • Low friction seal.
  • Adjuster knobs permanently mounted on the dampers.
  • Rubber bushings for ”eye” shock mounts.
  • Optional spherical top mounts.
  • Optional DLC Coated shafts.
  • Optional DDP piston (double digressive).
  • Rebuildable.
  • Optional custom valving.

AST 2-Way 5200 Series (Rebound and Compression Adjustable, with a remote reservoir)



  • High end, track ready suspension that is totally streetable
  • Fully upgradeable to 5300 spec
  • Rebound and Compression Adjustable (‘Doubles’), with a remote reservoir
  • Remote reservoirs allow additional travel and heat dissipation
  • 44.5mm diameter shaft struts, Inverted
  • New low friction seal on all AST dampers
  • Spherical lower ‘’eye’’ shock mounts
  • Reservoir with hose or piggyback
  • Spherical upper shock mount assemblies
  • Synthetic hydraulic fluid
  • Optional DLC Coated shafts
  • Optional DDP piston (double digressive)

AST 3-Way 5300 Series (Rebound, Low & High Speed Compression Adjustable, with a remote reservoir)


  • High end, track ready suspension.
  • Rebound, Low & Hi Speed Compression Adjustable (‘Triples’), with a remote reservoir.
  • Remote reservoirs allow additional travel, heat dissipation and oil/nitrogen gas capacity.
  • 44.5mm diameter shaft struts are inverted and offer exceptional strength, which in turn reduces geometry change under corner and braking manoeuvres.
  • Aluminum cylinder, threaded body shocks, factory mounting style.
  • New low friction seal on all AST dampers.
  • Spherical lower ”eye” shock mounts.
  • Reservoir with hose or piggyback (piggyback examples: ’08 STI & BMW E36 rears).
  • Spherical upper shock mount assemblies.
  • Synthetic hydraulic fluid.
  • Optional DLC Coated 44,5mm inverted shafts.
  • Optional DDP piston (double digressive).
  • Fully serviceable and rebuildable.
  • Revalvable for specific characteristics.

AST Lowering Springs


AST Lowering Springs are manufactured from a premium high tensile chromium-silicone wire which is handpicked by AST engineers for its quality and metal consistency.

Each spring is cold wound and then heat treated to increase hardness and reduce internal stresses present after winding. Each spring is then individually shot peened, phosphate treated and then powder coated to outlast even the life of the vehicle.

  •  Progressive rates on most vehicles
  •  EDC Compatible (if applicable to vehicle)
  •  Each spring is blocked and computer tested prior to shipping, which reduces any settling once installed on the vehicle
  •  Most of our spring applications are TUV Certified and certificates can be provided upon request

Contact us today to find out more! Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

May 16, 2017

It Seems That Most Things in Australia Are Deadly…

Luckily for us, the Harrop kit isn’t deadly, but it sure makes some killer power!

The Harrop TVS1740 kit was designed specifically for the S65 V8 powered E9X M3.  Engineered & manufactured in Australia, this is the world’s first positive displacement supercharger for the S65 engine.  Now, if you are the least bit familiar with the S65 platform, you know how brilliant it is.  However, it tremendously lacks low end torque.  Thanks to the guys over at Harrop, we now have a solution.

_E0A2558-as-Smart-Object-1 (1)







This kit was so well engineered, it compliments the S65 E9X M3 platform in every way.  The FDFI (front drive/ front inlet) design helps keep this beauty looking as OEM as possible with minimal restrictions in the bay. While the torque and top-end power improvements complete the drive-ability of this already spectacular car.

We had the pleasure of installing this kit on a completely stock E92 M3. Simple install. Non-invasive design. A little fine tuning … and we had ourselves one particularly amazing driving machine, with a little extra kick!

Dyno Results: 525HP & 372TQ

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June 10, 2016

PSI Presents Fresh From the Florida Coast: Yas Marina


When most people think of the Florida coast, ocean breezes, palm trees, white sand, and that clear blue water all spring readily to mind. Incidentally, the BMW Yas Marina Blue offered on their new M3 and M4 is rumored to be named after the brilliantly colored runoff areas at the Yas Marina Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit, and when our good friend Joe went hunting for his second F80, this was a theme he wanted to pursue. Not one to sit idly by on the modification front, he immediately contacted the team here at PSI to see about topping his previous Austin Yellow build, and we were powerless to resist.

First on the list was the proper stance, achieved with ease by coilover suspension from BC Racing. We were able to pioneer this kit on our own M4 last year, and it lets the car sit and ride perfectly while maintaining control during hard cornering. Joe had already run a set of Velos on his first F80, so the decision was already made when the new M3 came along, and a breathtaking set of Velos S2 wheels in BMW 20″ fitment were carefully tucked under the arches. Without question, along with the Vorsteiner carbon fiber front spoiler and rear diffuser, they make the appearance an event to remember. To boost power, we installed a JB4, Maximum PSI intake, and full Remus stainless exhaust – and the difference will put a grin on your face every time. More carbon fiber in the engine compartment and on the seat backs, along with the BMW Performance steering wheel, completes the first round of upgrades, but we know Joe quite well by now. He’ll be back for more.

Mod List:
BC Racing coilovers
Velos S2 20” monoblock wheels
Maximum PSI intake, painted Yas Marina Blue
Remus full exhaust system with carbon fiber tips
Vorsteiner carbon fiber front spoiler
Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear diffuser
Carbon fiber engine cover
Black grilles
Black chrome roundels
BMW Performance alcantara steering wheel
Mode Carbon carbon fiber seat backs

Enjoy the photos!

Contact us with any questions.

_E0A2278-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A2282-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A2296-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A2289-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A2306-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A2310-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A2299-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A2314-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A2287-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A2320-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A2325-as-Smart-Object-1

January 26, 2016

StopTech Trophy Kit Adds Stopping Power To Our Monster 665 WHP E60 M5



Since 1999 StopTech has provided the best in brake upgrades for almost the complete BMW product range.  Anytime we need extreme braking performance from our big horsepower builds, we always turn to StopTech for the best in brake options and quality.

Stop1 Stop3

For our latest high horsepower E60 M5 build – we added a Gintani Stage 2 Supercharger and coated headers along with the StopTech Trophy Big Brake kit front and rear.  Measuring a huge 380mm front and rear, the (2) Piece rotors assist in cooling and braking performance during heavy braking of this family sedan, while the 6 piston ST-60 Trophy Front Calipers increases brake pad surface area and add a huge improvement in stopping power and pedal feel under extreme conditions.



The Trophy Setup from Stoptech includes:

  • Patented StopTech® AeroRotors® for optimized airflow
  • Patented, billet 7075 aluminum AeroHats® to further increase airflow
  • Forged StopTech® STR calipers with patented bolt-in bridge for ultimate stiffness
  • StopTech® stainless steel brake lines
  • Race engineered caliper brackets

This kit was a must for our 800 HP M5 and we will continue to work with StopTech throughout 2016.

January 8, 2016

PSI is now open Saturday hours! – 11am-4pm

Due to overwhelming demand we are now open every Saturday in 2016 from 11am-4pm.

With our combined experience of over 30+ years of BMW Repair and Service, we are the #1 choice in Central Florida for dealer alternative BMW Service.

Contact us with any questions, or call now to be added to our Saturday schedule!

Precision Sport Industries
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Our service and diagnostic team has decades of expertise, so it goes without saying that you are in good hands here. In fact, the extensive experience on staff makes us the first choice for any type of work, no matter how complex. Anything from a simple oil change to an intensive street, show, or racing build is just another day in the shop for us. As you can see from some of our previous projects, our commitment to quality and excellence takes priority over any type of margin.




October 21, 2015

BMW E36 Engine Service

This minty BMW E36 came in recently for some maintenance – we replaced the valve cover gasket and installed new spark plugs and coils. She purrs like a kitten, and the owner is loving it! Contact us to set up your next service or repair.

_E0A9996-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A9981-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5072-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5062-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5066-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5067-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5063-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5074-as-Smart-Object-1

October 16, 2015

Custom Clevite Rod Bearings now available from PSI


Here at PSI we know how crucial these are for the BMW S65B40, S85B50 Engines, so after a few years development these are finally available to ship now!

$599.00 shipped (S65)
$745.00 shipped (S85)

(We also recommend ARP rod bolts as well)

- Designed to address and fix the rod bearing clearance issue.
- Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils.
- Increases oil flow.
- Improves lubrication for “Start-Stop” vehicles over factory bearings.

- Designed in consultation with leading industry experts from NASCAR, Indy Car, and former BMW M-Division engine designer.
- Designed and manufactured by Clevite, factory BMW bearing supplier.

- Traditional lead-copper bearing design; less wear on crankshaft journals, traceable with Blackstone oil analysis.
Each bearing is measured and size-binned. Allows for custom bearing selection when necessary.
Contact us to place an order!

October 7, 2015

BMW F82 M4 – Velos + KW Suspension


Recently we had this attractive M4 in for a few upgrades. First on the list was a truly head-turning set of Velos S3 wheels in 20×10 / 20×11 for MCCB fitment in Matte Clear finish. We paired those with Michelin Pilot SS in 265/30/20 + 285/30/20, and finished everything off with the tried and true KW V3 coilover system for a perfect stance and striking appearance.

The owner certainly enjoys the new look, so enjoy the photos!

_E0A5020-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5025-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5027-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5029-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5030-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5031-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5026-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5046-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5050-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5053-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5055-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5056-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5054-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5052-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5042-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5038-as-Smart-Object-1

October 2, 2015

BMW F10 M5 build by PSI

The Wake of Magellan – BMW F10 M5 by PSI


When ordinary is not enough, we reach for the extraordinary. More often than not, that pursuit becomes a voyage, one filled with landmark events and above-average memories to savor for a lifetime. Our client is a family man, but wanted his family car, a new BMW F10 M5, to be unlike any other. Here at PSI, we are no stranger to pushing the limits while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. During several conversations, we realized that it was time to look beyond the usual wheel styles and sail into unknown waters. Enter HRE Wheels, with their RS-series Street Collection.

Well aware that a mis-step can sink an otherwise fantastic build, we settled on the striking RS102M model, with their unmistakable 5-spoke design. The directional design resembles a ship’s propellers, and is impossible to ignore out on the street, while the Satin Charcoal Gray finish offsets the Sapphire Black body paint. We had the inner barrels custom painted to match the centers and lips for a seamless match. With the perfect set of wheels in place, acquiring the perfect drop was necessary, and a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers fit the bill perfectly. Their build quality and adjustment levels enable a comfortable, smooth ride on virtually any surface. Having the stance sorted, we installed an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system to add some crackling thunder and reduce weight.

To complete the look, we added a carbon fiber Vorsteiner front spoiler and rear diffuser, which enhance the elegantly aggressive appearance, while inside a complete BMW M Performance carbon fiber trim set was carefully installed. IND supplied the finishing touches in the form of gloss black front and side grilles. Our client can now get underway with dramatic style, leaving lesser vessels in his wake.

Mod List
HRE RS102M 21×9.5 / 21 x 11 in Satin Charcoal Gray finish with custom painted matching barrels
KW Variant 3 Coilovers
Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust
Vorsteiner carbon fiber front spoiler
Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear diffuser
BMW M Performance interior trim
IND gloss black front/side grilles

_MG_4071-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_4485-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4509-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4512-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4518-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4524-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_4528-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4540-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4551-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4553-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4557-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_4588-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_4476-as-Smart-Object-1

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