May 22, 2015

PSI Remembers Those Who Serve

All of us here at PSI would like to wish you a fun and reflective Memorial Day weekend! We will be CLOSED on Monday 5/25 for the holiday, and will re-open on Tuesday 5/26.

Memorial Day  57 HD Wallpapers

Safe travels, and don’t forget to take a moment to remember those who serve and have served!


May 20, 2015

BMW M4 Convertible

We had this beautiful white machine in for a minor service recently, and couldn’t resist capturing several shots at sunset. Please enjoy the photos!

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May 8, 2015

BMW S65 S85 Rod Bearing Service

This beautiful BMW E60 M5 came to us for a rod bearing service. This is one of the best preventative maintenance options you can complete with your S85 and S65 engines from the E9x M3s and E6x M5s and M6s.

Contact us for pricing!



April 24, 2015

BMW F80 M3 Suspension Upgrades, Part II

Here is the second part of our feature showing several suspension upgrades we performed on a customer’s new F80 M3. Enjoy the photos, and feel free to contact us with any questions!


Advan Racing | Fall Line | H&R | Michelin



April 22, 2015

BMW F80 M3 Suspension Upgrades

This F80 M3 owner wanted handling improvement, so they came in for some upgrades. See how many you can spot!

Part 1 of 2




Look for Part 2 shortly! Contact us with any questions about your BMW.


April 17, 2015

BMW M Performance Exhaust Install

Recently we had the opportunity to install a BMW M Performance Exhaust on a black F82 M4, and we wanted to show you a few photos of the process.

_MG_0512-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0522-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0490-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0488-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0483-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0484-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0491-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0492-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0495-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0497-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0503-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0500-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0505-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0517-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0514-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0515-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0513-as-Smart-Object-1

Contact us with any questions!


April 6, 2015

Awron DGA and EVC Now Available


We are pleased to introduce the complete line of Awron gauges and electronics for BMW! This includes the popular DGA (Digital Gauge Assembly) display unit and EVC (Exhaust Valve Control) unit featured here.

All F80 M3 and F82 M4 products have been added to our store, and more will follow soon. Contact us for more information, or click here to purchase.

evc_001 evc-display-003 evc_004

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