October 21, 2015

BMW E36 Engine Service

This minty BMW E36 came in recently for some maintenance – we replaced the valve cover gasket and installed new spark plugs and coils. She purrs like a kitten, and the owner is loving it! Contact us to set up your next service or repair.


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October 16, 2015

Custom Clevite Rod Bearings now available from PSI


Here at PSI we know how crucial these are for the BMW S65B40, S85B50 Engines, so after a few years development these are finally available to ship now!

$599.00 shipped (S65)
$745.00 shipped (S85)

(We also recommend ARP rod bolts as well)

- Designed to address and fix the rod bearing clearance issue.
- Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils.
- Increases oil flow.
- Improves lubrication for “Start-Stop” vehicles over factory bearings.

- Designed in consultation with leading industry experts from NASCAR, Indy Car, and former BMW M-Division engine designer.
- Designed and manufactured by Clevite, factory BMW bearing supplier.

- Traditional lead-copper bearing design; less wear on crankshaft journals, traceable with Blackstone oil analysis.
Each bearing is measured and size-binned. Allows for custom bearing selection when necessary.
Contact us to place an order!


October 7, 2015

BMW F82 M4 – Velos + KW Suspension


Recently we had this attractive M4 in for a few upgrades. First on the list was a truly head-turning set of Velos S3 wheels in 20×10 / 20×11 for MCCB fitment in Matte Clear finish. We paired those with Michelin Pilot SS in 265/30/20 + 285/30/20, and finished everything off with the tried and true KW V3 coilover system for a perfect stance and striking appearance.

The owner certainly enjoys the new look, so enjoy the photos!

_E0A5020-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5025-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5027-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5029-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5030-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5031-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5026-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5046-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5050-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5053-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5055-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5056-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5054-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5052-as-Smart-Object-1 _E0A5042-as-Smart-Object-1_E0A5038-as-Smart-Object-1

October 2, 2015

BMW F10 M5 build by PSI

The Wake of Magellan – BMW F10 M5 by PSI


When ordinary is not enough, we reach for the extraordinary. More often than not, that pursuit becomes a voyage, one filled with landmark events and above-average memories to savor for a lifetime. Our client is a family man, but wanted his family car, a new BMW F10 M5, to be unlike any other. Here at PSI, we are no stranger to pushing the limits while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. During several conversations, we realized that it was time to look beyond the usual wheel styles and sail into unknown waters. Enter HRE Wheels, with their RS-series Street Collection.

Well aware that a mis-step can sink an otherwise fantastic build, we settled on the striking RS102M model, with their unmistakable 5-spoke design. The directional design resembles a ship’s propellers, and is impossible to ignore out on the street, while the Satin Charcoal Gray finish offsets the Sapphire Black body paint. We had the inner barrels custom painted to match the centers and lips for a seamless match. With the perfect set of wheels in place, acquiring the perfect drop was necessary, and a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers fit the bill perfectly. Their build quality and adjustment levels enable a comfortable, smooth ride on virtually any surface. Having the stance sorted, we installed an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system to add some crackling thunder and reduce weight.

To complete the look, we added a carbon fiber Vorsteiner front spoiler and rear diffuser, which enhance the elegantly aggressive appearance, while inside a complete BMW M Performance carbon fiber trim set was carefully installed. IND supplied the finishing touches in the form of gloss black front and side grilles. Our client can now get underway with dramatic style, leaving lesser vessels in his wake.

Mod List
HRE RS102M 21×9.5 / 21 x 11 in Satin Charcoal Gray finish with custom painted matching barrels
KW Variant 3 Coilovers
Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust
Vorsteiner carbon fiber front spoiler
Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear diffuser
BMW M Performance interior trim
IND gloss black front/side grilles

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September 22, 2015

Introducing Frequency Intelligent Exhaust!

We are proud to announce that we are now an official dealer for Frequency Intelligent Exhaust systems! FI Exhaust produces full high-quality exhaust systems for Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, AMG, BMW and more. Their cutting edge development methods, including the use of Valvetronic© Technology and their Built-In Intelligent Controller provide the perfect combination of comfort and performance.





Contact us for more information!






September 15, 2015

BMW N54 Walnut Blasting Is Popular!

Years after introducing this as a premium service for all owners of the BMW N54 engine (see full list below), walnut blasting continues to be one of our most popular services with local BMW owners! For this reason, we are re-posting our original “inside story” article on how walnut blasting works, and why it is so important for proper maintenance.

N54 Valve Cleaning : The Inside Story of the Walnut Blasting Technique and Process

For everyone who is interested in what actually goes on during a special intake valve cleaning, here is some more information along with several other detailed photos of the process. Without further ado: the story behind it all.

When BMW introduced the N54B30 powerplant to the United States market in 2007, it was their first production turbocharged engine that utilized direct injection technology. This means that instead of traditional intake manifold fuel injection, the engines injectors are placed literally inside the combustion chamber, next to the spark plug. Direct injection boasts better fuel economy, and has proven to be a revolutionary development for the internal combustion engine. The technology is now found in nearly every new production car!

While pioneering the market with the N54B30, BMW did have their share of growing pains with this new technology. There were several revisions for the high pressure fuel pump, and many other sensors and electronics pertaining to the fuel system had their issues as well. One of the major oversights with this technology development was the intake port and valve carbon buildup.

The N54B30 has a crankcase ventilation system that is internally routed in the cylinder head. If you look down into the intake port, you’ll notice a hole on the top of the port that is used by the CCV for vacuum. The problem now is that oil that makes its way through the CCV will end up in the intake port of the cylinder head – which wouldn’t be an issue if there was an injector in each port cleaning it with fuel. Since the N54 doesn’t have any fuel injectors in the manifold, the oil residue builds up on the intake port and intake valves over time. Newer cars such as the Scion FR-S that are direct injected have a second set of injectors in the manifold to help prevent the issue of buildup that the N54 has.

Fortunately BMW recognized the issue and at the very least they have provided us with a genuine BMW tool that can be used to “blast” the carbon buildup off the port and valves.

When the cleaning of the intake valves became regular maintenance on the N54 engines, we experimented with various ways to properly and effectively clean the carbon buildup. We tried chemical cleaning, simple walnut blasting, scrubbing, etc.. After years of dealing with this issue we’ve come up with what we feel is the most effective and efficient way to get rid of the carbon.

Remove the intake manifold.


Inspect the intake port.

IMG_0937-as-Smart-Object-2 IMG_0947-as-Smart-Object-1

Rotate the engine so that the valves are closed in the port being worked on, and then fill the port with a carbon solvent.


Once the solvent has had time to penetrate the buildup, we use a variety of picks and brushes to loosen the carbon buildup, and then using the OEM BMW tool, we walnut blast the port until it is clean.


Inspect, and then clean all missed areas.


All clean!


Feel free to contact us with any questions, or to schedule your own service!




September 4, 2015

We are Central Florida’s #1 BMW Service and Repair Shop!

Precision Sport Industries is a BMW specialist shop with a 5,000 square foot facility located in Winter Park, Florida. Here at PSI, we define ourselves by our level of service, maintenance experience, and our ability to fulfill the dreams of every enthusiast that brings their treasured BMW to our facility. We pride ourselves in transforming your ideas into reality, using only the very best parts available and the highest level of skill possible. Regardless of the purpose of your visit to PSI, whether tiny or immense, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. We simply wouldn’t have it any other way, and we feel you should not either.


Our service and diagnostic team has decades of expertise, so it goes without saying that you are in good hands here. In fact, the extensive experience on staff makes us the first choice for any type of work, no matter how complex. Anything from a simple oil change to an intensive street, show, or racing build is just another day in the shop for us. As you can see from some of our previous projects, our commitment to quality and excellence takes priority over any type of margin.


We feature the latest BMW Diagnostic technology including a BMW GT1, Auto Logic and INPA. With these specialized state-of-the-art tools, we can find the root of a problem faster than any shop in the area. We specialize in OEM replacement parts as well, and we guarantee the exact OEM replacement part to keep your BMW showroom new. From E30 to F30 and beyond, we can help you keep your BMW in top shape with access to the best parts, from the world’s leading manufacturers.


With our combined experience of over 30+ years of BMW Repair and Service, we are the #1 choice in Central Florida for dealer alternative BMW Service.

Our service department features these OEM brands:


Contact us with any questions, or feel free to stop in and see us any time during normal business hours!

Precision Sport Industries
828 Cherry St.
Winter Park, FL 32789
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September 1, 2015

BC Racing Suspension for BMW F8x M4 Now Available!

We are proud to announce that the new triple-adjustable coilover system for the BMW F80 M3 + F82 M4 is now in stock and ready to ship! This is the advanced prototype we have been testing for the past year, and it has been fine-tuned to perfection. These are here at PSI today and can be installed or shipped straight to your door!


Contact us for more details.


(407) 617-0372

August 11, 2015

PSI On Facebook

Most of you are well aware of our Facebook page, and hopefully you get the chance to visit often! Facebook now allows people to customize their news feed to prioritize updates from particular friends, groups and pages. To see this new option in action, go to our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/precisionsport), click the Liked button on our page, and then select the See First option.


Presto! Now you will get to see content, photos and updates from us more often. As always, we appreciate your support, and we are glad for the opportunity to serve you.


August 3, 2015

Work Emotion Wheels on a BMW M4

We wanted to share with you a quick photoshoot of this Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 (F82) on WORK Emotion CR 2P (step-rim) wheels. The wheel finish is GT Silver (GTS) Finish with anodized polished lips. The optional center caps are flat type in a black finish. The front center disk is a R-Disk (Semi Concave Face) and the rear center disk is an A-Disk (Deep Concave Face).  Brake clearance is no problem for the standard M4 brake system.  Wheel sizing is a 20×9.5 F & 20×11.0 R, with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 265/30/20 F & 295/30/20 R.
On the M4,  KW Suspension’s Height Adjustable Spring System was installed using factory shocks.  For exterior aerodynamics, AC Schnitzer provided their carbon front spoiler, carbon mirror cover, rear roof spoiler, carbon rear wing, and carbon rear diffuser. Underneath, an AC Schnitzer exhaust system frees up airflow and sound.
Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 (F82)
WORK Emotion CR 2P (Step Rim)
GT Silver (GTS) Finish
20×9.5 w/ 265/30/20
20×11.0 w/ 295/30/20

Note: shown with optional Emotion center caps in Flat Type / Black.

Enjoy the photos, and feel free to contact us with any questions!







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