September 1, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Vorsteiner BMW F8x M3 + M4 Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler!

PSI is pleased to offer the new line of carbon fiber aerodynamics by Vorsteiner! As with all Vorsteiner products, each piece is produced with an eye for innovation and style, as well as true aerodynamic aid. Every part is modeled using a 3D scanner for exact accuracy and perfect fit. Pre-production sections are wind tested and formed for minimum drag coefficient and maximum effective downforce, reducing lift at the front axle. Every individual segment is specifically formed to both enhance appearance and yet seamlessly mesh into the existing bodywork.

The Vorsteiner autoclaved pre-preg carbon fiber structure gives their parts superior stiffness, aerospace strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber composites. Vorsteiner’s trademark vacuum forming process enables superior rigidity and durability, while special UV-inhibiting clear lacquer coating protects the parts and keeps them looking fresh for the life of the car.

Vorsteiner’s continued drive to explore new horizons and make advances within the realm of technology and manufacturing will ensure their market leadership for years to come.

The Vorsteiner F8x M3 + M4 Carbon Fiber Program includes the following:

  • Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffusor
  • Carbon Fiber F80 M3 Trunk Lip Spoiler (also fits F30 3-Series)
  • Carbon Fiber F82 M4 Full Trunk Lid (no spoiler)

We now taking orders for the entire kit! Please contact us today to reserve yours.

IMG_7527 IMG_7530 IMG_7532 IMG_7535 IMG_7533 IMG_7534 IMG_7536

August 22, 2014

Full Yellow Jacket


Every so often, as we trek through life, we really score big. Perhaps not in the traditional sense of a bank heist or lottery win, but in an area that truly matters to us. Looking back, we wonder how we came to be so fortunate. While sometimes owning a car can be mundane or even frustrating, occasionally there is such a highlight that everything else pales in comparison.

By way of illustration, have a look at this rare and beautiful Acatama Yellow BMW Z4. Besides that retina-scorching paint, and the obvious modifications present, the full BMW Individual Piano Black interior really ices the cake like a boss. This combination is not exactly commonplace, so when our client came across this one-owner car for sale, he knew his time had come, and he immediately closed the deal.

Many owners of such a unique ride would then immediately sequester it from any possible harm, and insist on leaving everything stock, possibly with resale value in mind. And then, of course, there are those that simply want to enjoy their car, no matter its relative rarity in the automotive world. To people like that, we tip our hat. Machines like this are meant to be enjoyed, not kept in a bubble. After all, why are we car enthusiasts?

Before long, the mod list had grown to significant proportions, and the end result is what you see before you. Very few aspects of this platform were left untouched, and we were thrilled and honored to see this dream become a reality. From the perfect stance, to the intricate exterior and interior details, this has to be one of the most complete Z89s we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The first thing that stands out is the venerable Volk Racing TE37 wheels in Formula Silver, wrapped in Falken 454 tires and sitting in front of a BMW M Performance Brembo Big Brake Kit, ensuring rapid deceleration when deployed. A set of 12mm spacers all around help push the wheels flush, and H&R springs provide that streetable ride height. A myriad of OEM BMW parts help round out the exterior, including the M-Sport front and rear bumpers, front black grilles, and shorty antenna.

Adding to the significant road presence is another premium part from Japan, the 3D Design carbon fiber front spoiler, which matches the Tekarbon carbon fiber mirror covers. On the listening end, contributing some heft to the underwhelming factory exhaust note is an Eisenmann full downpipe-back exhaust, and combined with the AFE cold air intake, Evolution Racewerks intercooler and Cobb Tuning ECU reflash, it unleashes some serious power to accompany the noise.

Inside, more BMW parts were installed, including the M-Sport door sills, steering wheel, and aluminum foot rest to go with the AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals. When combined with the BMW M Circuit Leather/Alcantara black sport seats and suede dash with yellow stitching, the effect is visually profound. Even the roll bar features a carbon fiber cover from Tekarbon.

There may be more race-derived versions of the E89 Z4, but this example retains what we consider to be the ideal balance of everyday usability and track capabilities, with very tasteful Japanese styling and a healthy dose of OEM+ parts from BMW. Under the rising Florida sun, this gorgeous Z4 roams the streets in a full yellow jacket, catching envious stares and wistful glances alike. Blink, and it vanishes around the corner, leaving behind only inspiration.

Enjoy the photos!

Special thanks go out to:

  • Cobb Tuning SoCal
  • Brian @ Mackin Industries
  • Fred @ Evolution Racewerks
  • Chewy Boba Company
  • AFE Power
  • Meguiars

Mod List:

BMW Atacama Yellow Paint
BMW M-Sport front bumper
BMW M-Sport rear bumper w/ rear diffuser
BMW M Performance gloss black grilles
BMW shorty antenna
3D Design front lip
Tekarbon carbon fiber mirror caps
Retrofit LED FL indicator
LUX 3.0 Angel Eye LED
Racing Dash LED license plate

19 x 8.5 Volk Racing TE37 Formula Silver ET35 Front
19 x 8.5 Volk Racing TE37 Formula Silver ET22 Rear
Volk Racing Limited Edition Option Center Caps
Falken 454 255/30/19 Front and Falken 454 225/35/19 Rear
MXP 12mm spacers
Stud conversion
Project KICS R40 lug nuts 12×1.5
M-Sport Adaptive Damper Suspension
H&R Sport springs
BMW M Performance Brembo Big Brakes
BMW M Performance brake pads

Eisenmann Stainless Steel full downpipe-back exhaust
Evolution Racewerks charge pipe
Evolution Racewerks intercooler
Evolution Racewerks carbon fiber engine cover
Increased top speed limiter
AFE Stage II cold air intake
BMS oil catch can
COBB Accessport V3 ECU flash

BMW M-Sport door sills
BMW M-Sport steering wheel
BMW M-Sport aluminum foot rest
AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals
BMW M Circuit Leather / Alcantara Black sport seats
BMW Individual Piano Black interior trim
Black suede dash w/ yellow stitching (citrus package)
Tekarbon carbon fiber roll bar cover
Broadway Mirror 240mm flat
Sparco seatbelt pads
GP Thunder BMW welcome light
Custom navi system for DVD-CIC

_MG_7299-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7329-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7318-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_7341-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7361-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7355-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7349-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7347-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_7374-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7417-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7414-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7390-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_7420-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7443-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7440-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7423-as-Smart-Object-1Untitled_HDR2 _MG_7496-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7491-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_7485-as-Smart-Object-1

August 15, 2014

Vorsteiner SEMA Pricing Special

Vorsteiner just released special SEMA pricing on many of their aerodynamic products, celebrating their debut at The SEMA Show. Whether you’ll be at SEMA or not, we encourage you to take advantage of this limited offer as the show is right around the corner!

Special includes the BMW E9x M3, F10 5-Series M-Tech, X5M/X6M, F10 M5, and F12/F13 M6. Contact us for pricing info!


August 14, 2014

Gintani S55 F8x M3 + M4 Downpipes!

We thought everyone would enjoy some photos of the Gintani Downpipes about to go on our BMW M4! These are made by hand in right here in the USA with 304 Stainless Steel, hand tig welded with 100% perfect fitment and space for O2 sensors. Please note that while they are expected to provide improved throttle and turbo response, these are for off-road use only (not 50 state legal).


_MG_3804-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3803-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3802-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3801-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3799-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3797-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3796-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3795-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3793-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3787-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_3784-as-Smart-Object-1

August 13, 2014

Akrapovic F8x M3 + M4 Exhaust Photos!

Akrapovic just released new photos of the rear Slip-on exhaust, Evolution pipes and tip options for the F8x M3/M4! As mentioned before, options will include rear section slip-on, full Evolution system, stainless steel downpipes, and your choice of titanium or carbon fiber tips.

We are excited to receive our own systems here at PSI, and we will keep you apprised of the latest developments. Enjoy the photos, and feel free to drop us a line with any questions!

dcfffe26160940b883da4abec05e4808_HIRes a593d8556c5e4c6896f360d4ae49b4d3_HIResee245df4d9594f3fae4b35f6983f5b35_HIRes 0dad4ce1385041c0b90c74d084c57f0c_HIRes8863749694014e0eb7a0fce4e90730d7_HIRes6ad563e932f741eca1d1c968b5cc8421_HIRes 49c5b5d4a33f41bb9848c3d4a0dfd468_HIResf0217e9a514e4630b188219d64910689_HIRes f0cfb68d15504c8cb7d9477e8554afee_HIRes c0ac3e8578f241cca10b301edc712427_HIRes 30e76dc26c114210bccaca696b77e8bb_HIRes

August 12, 2014

GMG Products for Porsche 911 Turbo + GT3


We are now offering the entire GMG Racing range of parts and wheels for Porsche 991 Turbo S and GT3! Check out the GMG section of our store, featuring their headers, exhausts, racing wheels, and more.

A Porsche 991 GT3 is currently at our shop getting a generous helping of GMG upgrades, so stay tuned for the final result!

August 8, 2014

F8x M3/M4 OEM + Aftermarket Wheel Weight

There has been much discussion lately on the weight of the new F8x M4/M3 as a whole, so we thought it was a great time to dust off the old scale and put some hard figures on the OEM 19′s (437M) along with some common aftermarket wheels we have here around the shop.


First up, the OEM 19s (437M):

Front – 19″ x 9.0″ – 22.2 lbs / 10.06 kgs


Rear – 19″ x 10″ – 24.2 lbs / 10.97 kgs


Now the aftermarket varieties:

APEX ARC-8 – 17″ x 9.0″ – 17.6 lbs / 7.98 kgs (WILL NOT WORK FOR F8x – just posted for weight reference)


Vorsteiner V-FF 101 – 20″ x 10″ – 25.8 lbs / 11.70 kgs


KLASSEN M52R – 20″ x 11″ – 26.4 lbs / 11.97 kgs


Volk Racing G2 – 19″ x 9.5″ – 21.6 lbs / 9.79 kgs


BBS LM-R – 19″ x 9.5″ – 23.6 lbs / 10.70 kgs


July 31, 2014

Vorsteiner BMW M6 GTS-V Front Spoiler

We have heard and seen a lot of good things about the new Vorsteiner GTS-V front spoiler for the BMW M6, and the photos you are about to see only confirm our admiration for this piece. The beautiful example shown below is wearing several additional items from the Vorsteiner aero and wheel catalog, and the overall effect must be seen to be believed. Using live feedback from fans online and at events like Bimmerfest, the Vorsteiner engineers have adjusted and tweaked the spoiler’s design prior to official production.

We love the way the leading edges of the integrated front lip flow with the existing factory bumper, and how the brake cooling ducts are integrated with the bumper line itself, resulting in a very OEM appearance. This new GTS-V front spoiler will be available soon, so keep an eye out. Enjoy the photos!

Vorsteiner BMW F13 M6 Features:

  • New GTS-V Front Spoiler
  • Aero Side Blades
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Deck Lid Spoiler

Special Edition Forged VSE-003 Forged Monoblocks:

  • Wheel Finish: Matte Black
  • Wheel Size: 21×9.5 Front, 21×11 Rear

Vorsteiner_BMW_F13M6_GTSV_VSE003 (5)Vorsteiner_BMW_F13M6_GTSV_VSE003 (10) Vorsteiner_BMW_F13M6_GTSV_VSE003 (9) Vorsteiner_BMW_F13M6_GTSV_VSE003 (8) Vorsteiner_BMW_F13M6_GTSV_VSE003 (7) Vorsteiner_BMW_F13M6_GTSV_VSE003 (3) Vorsteiner_BMW_F13M6_GTSV_VSE003 (2)

July 28, 2014

The Sakhir M4 Journal 7-28-14

Later this week we will be sharing some great comparison photos showing you the differences between the Sakhir Orange on our M4 and other shades of BMW orange, but for today we wanted to share a few more random shots to illustrate how Sakhir looks in different lighting and weather settings. We will have several more updates coming shortly as well.

Enjoy the photos!

_MG_0317-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0313-as-Smart-Object-1_MG_0462-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0377-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0380-as-Smart-Object-1 _MG_0357-as-Smart-Object-1

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